Canopy Rebranding Focuses on Visibility

Ensure that Newberry, SC area & Nationwide drivers can see your gas station from a distance

When drivers need to make a pit stop, they don't want to waste time or fuel searching for a nearby gas station. Make sure your canopy imaging grabs their attention. To streamline your canopy rebranding efforts in the Newberry, SC area, E W Longshore & Son, LLC can complete your project within three days.

Depending on your needs, canopy rebranding might involve...


  • Replacing signage, pump toppers, canopy skirts and graphic logos
  • Placing decals on gas pumps, islands and canopy poles
  • Repairing and painting the canopy deck
  • Replacing the fascia and ACM panels
  • Repainting islands and canopy poles
  • Pressure washing the canopy
  • Installing LED lighting




We can complete these tasks with precision. Contact us today to discuss your brand conversion needs with our team.



canopy imaging newberry sc

Your curb appeal matters

Many drivers feel uncomfortable pulling into a dirty, dimly lit gas station, so make sure your curb appeal, or lack thereof, isn't driving prospective customers away. We can complete the canopy imaging tasks needed to boost consumers' confidence in your Newberry, SC area & Nationwide business.

Call 803-730-5886 now for assistance beautifying your facility.